Recent killings in Israel/palestine = medival mentality

04 Jul

I want to take a break from the usual light hearted subjects of this blog in order to voice my opinion on the terrible things recently happening between Jews and Palestinians. In short: recently 3 jewish youths were murdered by unknowns, thought to be palestinian terrorists. shortly after the body of a palestinian youth was found in the Jerusalem forest. This has given rise to anger, riots, finger pointing, violence and a general hot pot of racial, social, political and military near chaos. As a Jew who had lived in Israel on the Palestinian border for many years I understand the complex situation quite well. On of the worst aspects is the misinformation, accusations and fractured opinions on both sides. This is nothing new though, it is just another chapter in a seemingly ever lasting struggle on both sides.

I want to voice my opinion: In this emotional turmoil, bloodshed and anger, too many people (the majority on both sides it would seem) forget that beyond teritorry, religion, race or social standing, people are people. All people have the need and the basic right to live in dignity and try to be happy. The fight continues for the sake of the winning it for whatever side people have chosen to support. The bottom line is that killing in the name of (nearly) anything should be avoided and condemned. Clashing is not going to slove any problems, for anyone. People have to wake up and see that we are all humans, and as humans we have to work togeather to bridge the gaps and live togeather, or separately. Live and let live, at any cost to territory, religion or race. Protect our children, and let others protect theirs, but removing the posibility of violence. People who wish for the death of others are monsters and not sane. They are comparable to 11th century fanatics ruled by fear and hatred that stems from ignorance. As useless as shis might be I still feel the need to call out as an individual for this lunacy to stop. It´s time to see that we are losing a fight between being humans or animals.

I hope with all by being that the rise in violence at least puts the instigators of agression to shame and acts as a heads up to ment this festering wound between two nations.

mid eats unrest

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