Forests and Humans: From the Midwest to Madagascar with #uwmoocs

07 Oct

I am currently doing the Forests and Humans: From the Midwest to Madagascar online course, given by the University of Wisconsin, Madison, and provided through

The course give a good idea about the different types of forests and biomes that exist on the planet, the climate they can be found in, biodiversity and the relationship between forests and humans. The course id well designed and is not too much work. Dr. Catherine Woodward is the professor and she has arranged the curriculum neatly in four weeks. Much of the course material is given through videos but some reading is also required. There are discussion forums where you can meet fellow students and participate in ongoing conversations. For the first week we had to post a picture of a tree in a forest near our location, and put it on a siftr map. This was really fin and everybody got to see other peoples environments, plus some of the strange trees that people live near. I would really recommend this course to anybody interesting in learning about forests or just the natural world and it’s relationship with humans in this day and age. #uwmoocs

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