Llesca the Pariah dog

Llesca, Pariah dog found in Spain We recently found a dog. It was October 2nd and we were driving along the coastal road when we saw some cars stopped in the middle of the way, honking their horns.

There was a dog holding up the traffic because is was running in between the cars creating havoc on the road. People were getting impatient and trying to get on with their journey. The dog looked lost and was in real danger of getting run over.

We decided to lend a hand and stopped the car by the side for the road.

I got out,  signaled, whistled, clapped. The dog wagged its tail but kept a fair distance, all the while threatening to run off. It looked really frightened. I crouched and called again. Lowering myself broke the ice and convinced the dog to come over. I could now see it was a female, and she was acting very sweet and submissive. She immediately lay down on her back and acted defeated.

The first thing we noticed is that she was very dirty, full of black machine grease. The second thing was that she was wearing a metal chain collar that was so tight around her throat, you couldn’t even get your finger between it and the dog’s neck.

We decided to take it home and at least get the collar off.

After a wash and a trip to the vet the next day we went about the business of trying to locate her owner, or someone interested in adopting the poor thing.

It is now over a month later, no one has claimed the dog and we have decided to keep her.

We named her Llesca (pronounced Yeska) which means a slice of bread in Catalan. She has turned out to be the sweetest most loving dog. Playful agile and energetic, she gets along with our pet ferret and with all other dogs and people. After speaking to the veterinarian, we have decided she is about ten months old. The puppy inside of her started to come out after a few days with us. She has gained confidence and has started to get into the usual puppy mischief such as chewing on everything in sight and digging holes in the lawn.

I have recently done a bit of research and found that Llesca fits the Long Term Pariah Morphotype (LTPM). This means that she has the traits of a very ancient type of dog which evolved directly from wolves. Here is a link to an article about the subject if you are interested in further reading.

I took this picture of Llesca even before we gave her a bath. You will notice some black grease marks on her chest.


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